Feel free to contact us via email at:

Carol will be more than happy to correspond with you via email about your horse and any questions you may have.

Phone consult: $25 per call, maximum 30 minutes, paid in advance.

Lessons and training: $85 per session, plus ring fee (if applicable). Amount of time spent working horse depends on the level and ability of the horse. Instruction is for one hour.

On-site instruction at your barn: $85 per session plus travel charge (based on travel time beyond base)

Video instruction: Please visit the online instruction page at the Art2Ride website to submit your video critique. Be sure to request that Carol Darlington does your critique if you wish. You may also let them know if you want the video to remain private (just for you) or be allowed to post on the Art2Ride page.

Clinics: Carol is available for clinics. Contact her for details.

Saddle Services Pricing

Complete saddle fit evaluation: $140

Measuring both horse and rider for a saddle purchase, in-person or assisting remotely via skype, video, phone, or email.

Tree Adjustment: $125

Flocking: $140

Discounted Service Bundle: $335 (Evaluation, Tree Adjustment, Flocking)

Carol is available for clinics to do saddle fit evaluations and offer demo rides on Peter Horobin saddles. Contact her for more information.

Sample voiceover critiques

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