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We recommend regular massage for every horse we work with. We have found it especially beneficial to have a massage therapist who understands classical foundation training, which is why we are proud to call Olivia Kruis our associate equine sports massage therapist. She understands first-hand this training and uses her skills to help horses move comfortably and correctly. In fact, she is training her own beautiful Thoroughbred Jewel in this method and, along with regular sports massage, is seeing remarkable results in her own horse.

Here is why we believe equine sports massage is so beneficial for your horse:

1. An essential aspect of classical foundation training is suppling the horse. Many horses have underlying tension from using incorrect musculature for movement. The under muscles of the neck, around the poll, and the pectorals can be especially tight because the horse has an undeveloped topline and has been pulling its body along with the shoulders.

2. Tension in the poll area as a result of backwards tension in the reins, the previous use of draw reins, hyperflexion, etc. can make stretching deeply very difficult. Tension can exist in many other areas as well, making the use of opposing muscle groups a challenge.

3. It is also necessary that the muscles we want to strengthen have adequate blood flow, especially during this foundational stage of training or retraining.

4. Relaxation is an integral part of our goal for every horse.

Olivia is trained and certified in Equine Sports Massage. She is a member of the International Association of Animal Massage Therapists (IAAMT). Contact her at: essentialesm@gmail.com


Equine Sports Massage